Wednesday, 1 December 2010

1st Dec 2010

Inside was something even better. Inside all was darkness, except for a tiny, living candle flame.

the code was 9:2.

Monday, 29 November 2010

30th Nov 2010

This is the first day in which the main characters are imaginatively drawn. Sam a young man, or an old lad, living with his sister Meg Carroll (just until things get sorted out (or not)) and Alice - Megs daughter.

Miss Carroll has been selected to receive a special Advent Calender to be picked up at Hamley's on 30th November. And guess who the letter is signed from??? ohhh I can't spoil that. But here is a little just to wet the appitite:

'What on earth has an Advent Calendar got to do with religion?' thought Sam, on the way to the pub. [...]'Beats me, Sadvent more like.' [...]

Bowler-hat man came back and stood behind a low counter. Between them was a large brown parcel, tied with string.
'Here it is sir, all ready for you. The Advent Calendar. I hope you like it.'
'There must be lots of chocolate in there!'
'Oh, I doubt it sir, I doubt it, although you can never be quite sure.'